Concept for REME relaxed

Our new REME Museum at former RAF Lyneham will be welcoming visitors from Springtime 2017.  The new site will be a significant upgrade on the previous Museum, with improved visitor facilities and more space to display our unique collection that includes large military vehicles, helicopter, tanks, weapons and medals.

The museum tells the story of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, preserving its fascinating history from its formation in World War II through to the present day, and giving voices to REME men and women of the past and present.

As well as an impressive display of military hardware, the Museum will house a collection of medals, photographs and documents that tell the story of one of the most important Corps in the British Army.

Museum Director Major Rick Henderson said: “Since 1942, REME have been essential to the British Army. The skilled men and women of REME repair and recover the Army’s battle winning equipment both back in barracks and on the front line.”

The Museum will offer visitors the chance to fully immerse themselves in the story of REME and the people who have served with the Corps – with interactive displays and modern visitor facilities.

Museum Curator Jennifer Allison said: “The redesign allows us a great opportunity to show the important role which REME have fulfilled since its formation. The galleries allow visitors to immerse themselves in the heritage of the Corps, not only through interactives, objects and displays, but also through the words of those who have served and are still serving.”


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