image REME Museum Challenge

The Learning Team at the REME Museum know how difficult it is at the moment as we continue to cope with the Covid-19 emergency. To help you keep busy and stay in touch with our education activities we have  created downloadable worksheets, activities and videos covering REME history, World War Two and STEM topics.

We will post new resources here, on our Facebook page and on our Youtube channel. When you take part why not take a quick photo and share it with us on social media with the tag #rememuseumchallenge.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

2020-03-31 rememuseumchallengelogo

image Christmas Box Lantern

Build a festive lantern with a real electric light using these worksheets and the DIY Light Circuit challenge below!

2020-12-14 Xmas Lantern Worksheet 1
2020-12-14 Xmas Lantern Worksheet 2

image Snow Trac Challenge

Build your own Snow Trac vehicle and post a picture on our REME Museum Facebook page and show us your creative side!

image Prank cardboard jumping spinner

Eek! Prank your family and friends with your own cardboard jumping spinner for this week’s #REMEMuseumChallenge using just cardboard and an elastic band. Watch our videos to learn more.

image Origami Snap Bang

Snap! Make your own origami snap banger for this week’s #REMEMuseumChallenge using simple household materials. Watch our videos to learn more.

image DIY Light Circuit

Make a kitchen foil light circuit at home with foil, a battery, cardboard, paper clips and a bit of sticky tape! Our Education Officer shows you how to make a working electrical circuit in REME Museum’s Trades Gallery. It’s a great way to learn about electricity and circuits using simple craft and household materials.

2020-08-11 Light circuit Worksheets

image Bottle Rockets

Blast off! Looking for a fun family learning activity? Make your own #REMEMuseumChallenge bottle rocket with our worksheet and fun video.

2020-07-31 Bottle Rocket Worksheet

image Self Propelled Trucks

Self propelled model trucks are the name of the game in this week’s REME Museum Challenge. Watch the video or read the worksheet to find out how to make yours.

2020-07-20 Self Proppelled Truck Worksheet

image Around the World

Travel around the world with this week’s Challenge, which explores REME’s service, operations and training overseas.

2020-07-06 Around the World Fact Sheet
2020-07-06 Around the World Worksheet

image Medals

This week’s theme is military medals. Learn all about why they are awarded and then design your own.

2020-07-02 Medals Fact Sheet
2020-07-01 Medal Worksheet

image Women in Engineering

Many excellent female engineers serve with REME. Learn about them and other women engineers through history.

2020-06-22 Women in Engineering Fact Sheet
2020-06-22 Engineering Challenge

image Tracked Vehicles

This week we’re thinking about tracked vehicles. Check out our video and worksheets.

Tracked Vehicles at REME Museum

Tracked Vehicles fact sheet
Tracked Vehicles worksheet

image Camouflage

This week’s challenge is all about camouflage. Animals use it and soldiers do too. Have a read of our fact sheet then get stuck into our art activities.

2020-06-11 Camouflage Worksheet 1
2020-06-11 Camouflage Worksheet 2
2020-06-11 Camouflage Worksheet 3

image D-Day

On 6 June we celebrate 76 years since D-Day. Learn about the Normandy Landings, a unique painting in our collection and the signs and symbols used by soldiers on the beaches.

2020-06-02 D Day Fact Sheet
2020-06-02 D Day and Seahorses
2020-06-02 Signs Symbols and Badges

image DIY Elastic Band Pistol

Siblings getting annoying? Put together our elastic band pistol and keep them out of your room.

2020-05-18 DIY Rubber Band Pistol Worksheet

image Director’s Workout

Wondering how to keep fit at home? Our Director is used to keeping soldiers fighting fit and has put together a workout for you. Watch our video or download the worksheet here.

image Blow Football

Missing the game? Why not plan a table top match at home using things you have around the house.

blow football image 2
2020-05-12 Blow Football Worksheet

image Codes and Communications

Watch our video and learn how to use semaphore flags to send messages. Then check out our worksheets to find out about the other ways REME soldiers communicate.

2020-05-06 Communication Codes Workshop
2020-05-06 Make Your Own Semaphore Flags Worksheet
2020-05-06 Communication Challenges Worksheet
2020-05-06 Commnication and REME Worksheet

image Paper Cup Telephone

Create your own communication device with two paper cups and a piece of string with our guide.

2020-05-04 paper cup telephone worksheet

image Recycled Winch Experiments

Make a model recovery vehicle and experiment with forces in this week’s #rememseumchallenge.

2020-04-30 Make a winch worksheet
2020-04-30 Winch experiments worksheet

image Make a Model Recovery Vehicle

When our doors are open again you’ll be able to play our video game which challenges you to rescue a Jackal stuck in a river using a virtual SVR (that stands for Support Vehicle Recovery). In the mean time you can make this SVR paper model. Print the worksheets below and grab a glue-stick!

2020-04-30 Make your own SVR model page 1
2020-04-30 Make your own SVR model page 2

image SVR ‘Hook a Vehicle’ Recovery Game

Create your very own recovery game. Watch our video to find out how to tackle this #rememuseumchallenge.

image Egg Box Helicopter

Join our Education Officer as he shows you how to build your own egg box helicopter – you’ll need a sheet of paper, egg box and pair of scissors.

Egg Box Helicopter
Egg Box Helicopter folding instructions
Egg Box Helicopter experiments

image Recycled Helicopter Models

Have a go at making a model helicopter from things in your recycling bin!

2020-04-21 Junk Helicopter Model

image Rainbow Colour Diffusion Experiment

rainbow making

image Easter Biscuits

Try out a real wartime recipe for Easter biscuits and learn about rationing.

2020-04-07 Rationing Facts Fact Sheet
2020-04-09 Wartime Easter Biscuit Recipe

image Origami Tank

Some scrap paper and paint are all you need to make this origami tank! Watch our demonstration then follow the simple instructions in the second video to simple instructions and create your own for #rememuseumchallenge. Give it a go today!

image Indoor Treasure Hunt

Have fun making a homemade compass with a fridge magnet and a needle then create a treasure hunt inside your house!

image Sweetheart Brooches

What are sweetheart brooches? Learn all about them and then make your own by downloading our free resources!

2020-03-30 Brooch1995.3669
2020-03-30 Sweetheart Brooches Fact Sheet
2020-03-30 Sweetheart Brooches Papercraft Template
BARV fact sheet
BARV papercraft template

image Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Find out all about our Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle (BARV for short!), make a papercraft model and learn about the science of displacement with our fun video.

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