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The REME Museum has over 100,000 items in its collection. This includes vehicles dating from World War Two, medals awarded to REME soldiers, an extensive weapons collection as well as uniforms, models, trade test pieces and radios.

As well as objects the Museum has a large archive which includes letters, pamphlets, photographs, paintings, instruction manuals and vehicle specifications.

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The Museum has a number of objects which help to tell the story of the REME Corps. Our largest items include vehicles and our smallest include REME buttons from uniforms.

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The Archives cover a range of material relating to the history of the Corps. The Archives span all aspects of the Corps including its formation, post-war development, recent and ongoing operations as well as personal papers of soldiers, including letters and diaries, photographs and technical manuals.

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Donate to the Museum

The vast majority of our collection is donated to us by current and former members of the Corps or their families.

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Can you tell us more?

We are always interested in finding out more information about the collections. The Museum collects oral histories, memoirs and even enjoys putting names to faces in the many photographs which we have.

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