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Conqueror Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mark 2

Conqueror Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mark 2
Conqueror Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mark 2

This vehicle is not currently on display at the Museum

This is the Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) variant of the 65 ton Conqueror gun tank. The Conqueror gun tank was issued in the late 1950's to armoured regiments as a heavy gun (120 mm) back up to the Centurions (83 mm) to deal with the threat of heavily armoured Russian tanks. As the Conqueror was 15 tons heavier than the Centurion a more powerful ARV was needed to deal with breakdowns. Conquerors were withdrawn in 1966 when a more powerful gun was later fitted to Centurions but the corresponding disposal of the Conqueror ARVs was regretted since their more powerful winches made recovery tasks much simpler.

There were two versions of the Conqueror ARV. The Mark 1 consisted of the basic tank hull, with a square box-like structure in the place of the turret housing the winch and the recovery crew. The Mark 2 in the Museum's collection has a purpose built hull with a sloping glacis plate extending to the top of the winch housing. Both versions were fitted with a winch powered by the tank's main engine. A folding spade at the rear anchored the tank in position while winching.


8.89 m (29 ft 10 in)

Width 3.98 m (13 ft 1 in)

2.74 m (9 ft)

Weight 57 tons
Winch 45 tons capacity

Rolls Royce designed M120 fuel injected V12 petrol

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