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Machine Guns

.303 inch Hotchkiss MG Portable MK I*

First used by the French in 1908 as the Hotchkiss Automatic Rifle, these guns were for use by the ....

AK47 7.62 mm (Intermediate) Kalashnikov

The Soviets have introduced two new shoulder weapons since World War 2, and recently developed an improved version of one of these. The....

Degtyarev 7.62mm

The first originally developed Soviet machine gun which appeared in 1926. The prefix 'DP' indicates a 'Degtyarev' machine gun for infan....

M3 Sub-Machine Gun .45 inch

The M3 was adopted in December 1942. It had a number of deficiencies which showed up in field service. It was designed so that by ....

MP 44 7.92 mm (Kurz) WW II Assault Rifle

This is, in fact, the MP 43/1 which was re-designated MP 44 in April 1944. There is no apparent reason for this change in nomenclature.....

PPSH 41 7.62 Burp guns 156

All pre-World War 2 and World War 2 Soviet sub-machine guns were chambered for the Soviet 7.62 mm Pistol cartridge Type&....

Sectionalized Vickers Machine Gun .303 inch MK1

This gun, originally known as the Vickers-Maxim, was adopted by

Sub Machine Gun 9mm L34 A1

Sub Machine Gun 9mm L34 A1The Sterling Engineering Company made their start in firarms by manufacturing the Lanchester submachine gun f....

Thompson .45 inch M1928 AI M1

Although the

Thompson SMG .45 Model 1928

A standard version of the Thompson M1928 Al. On Commercial and British Service Models, instead of the regular type handguard the weapons have an additional pisto....

Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun .303 inch

The forerunner of the famous Vickers machine gun of World Wars 1 and 2. This gun is considerably heavier than the Vickers ....

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