image Donating to the Museum

The Museum regularly receives donations from current and former REME personnel, their families and members of the public.

As an Accredited Museum, we have to ensure that anything which we accept into the collection falls within our collecting policy. We also have a duty of care and need to consider the long term storage, display and ongoing care of the items.

For this reason the Museum has regular Acquisition Panels. These meetings are held every six weeks. Staff and volunteers with specialist knowledge will meet to consider items which have been offered to the Museum.

There are a number of things to consider, such as provenance, condition, financial implications, storage requirements and duplication. We also follow the Museum Association’s Code of Ethics which ensures that we deal with donations in an open way.

If you would like to donate items to the Museum, please contact the Collections Team by emailing

image Items donated to the Museum


Trade Test Piece

This trade test piece was created by a former REME soldier and was donated by his daughter.

Trade test pieces are created by REME soldiers as part of their examination to demonstrate their skill.


Bandsman Jacket

Donated by the REME Band before their relocation to Catterick in North Yorkshire, this Bandsman jacket and ceremonial white Sam Browne was used in a temporary exhibition charting the history of the Corps Band.

As well as the jacket, the Band donated instruments, music stands and various albums to the collection.


Voices of the Forces record

Recorded during World War Two, the record allowed soldiers away from loved ones to send back a spoken message.

The condition of this object is poor, however staff were able to make a digital copy of the recording in which the sender wishes his family a Merry Christmas.


Sweetheart Brooch

Sweetheart brooches were given to loved ones by serving military personnel. The brooch was of the Corps or regiment that the serviceman was with. These brooches can be quite basic though there are more expensive diamond and gold versions available now.

This sweetheart brooch was given by Sergeant Atkin to his wife during World War Two. The brooch shows the original REME cap badge which was in use between 1942 and 1947.

imageWhat we collect

The Museum has a collecting policy which governs what we accept into the collection. Primarily, objects need to help us tell the story of the REME since its formation in 1942.

For more information on different parts of the collection, including our method of transferring items, please read the policy below.

(The below policy is currently under review following our relocation and our upcoming resubmission to retain our Accreditation, managed by the Arts Council England).