image Submitting information

We are always keen to add more information to our records. If you have any experiences which you wish to share, or if you recognise unidentified people in photographs, please get in touch with the Museum.

For information related to objects and displays, please email

For information related to documents and photographs, please email

Below are some of the areas and subjects for which we would be interested in finding out more.

Family Life

In the new displays we are keen to show the family side of the REME Corps. This includes the sports and activities REME undertake to help with team building, but we are also interested in hearing from the wives, husbands and children of serving members.

What were your experiences like? Did you have to move house, school, area often? What have been some of the positive experiences which you have had?

Military Exercises

Part of the new displays will look at the military exercises undertaken by REME. If you have photos of exercises which you have been on which you would be happy to share, along with your experiences, please get in touch.

Are you a Reservist?

Reserves are an important part of the Corps and the Museum will have a dedicated display. Our intention is to show the dual aspect of a Reserve, for example displaying smart office shoes next to military boots along with the experience of that individual through photos and labels.

If you would be willing to be interviewed please get in touch.