REME MUSEUM GEM AWARD 2017 CAKERecently Visit England announced the winners of its 2017 ‘attractions accolades’ in recognition of the quality visitor experiences on offer and REME Museum is proud to announce that the Museum was awarded the Visit England “Hidden Gem” accolade.  Attractions across England have been awarded Visit England Accolades in appreciation of the outstanding experiences they provide.

REME Museum signed up to the Visit England Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme which entails an assessor replicating the entire visitor journey, from looking at the website before the visiting to experiencing all aspects of the attraction, including customer-staff interactions.

The attraction is assessed against criteria specific to the type of attraction. For example, museums are scored against a different question set than activity-based experiences or tours.

There are eight key areas which are assessed across all attractions:

  1. Pre-Arrival
  2. Arrival and Initial Impressions
  3. The Attraction
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Toilets (if available)
  6. Catering (if available)
  7. Retail (if available)
  8. Staff

To ensure that visitors receive a consistent level of quality throughout, each of these areas has a minimum score threshold which needs to be met in order for the attraction to gain accreditation.

REME TEAM CELEBRATES GEM AWARDSVisit England Director Andrew Stokes said:

“These attractions offer a warm welcome, unique storytelling, high quality food and drink and unparalleled customer service and rightly deserve these accolades. They provide visitors with amazing experiences and create reasons to travel the length and breadth of the country, increasing the economic benefits of tourism.”

The REME Museum only opened on the 6 June 2017 and is delighted to have made such a great impression. It is testament to all the hard work that went into the producing the new displays and facilities. With this Visit England accolade we hope that many new visitors will be enticed to visit and discover the fascinating story of the Corps of REME.

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