An exhibition of military body art is attracting the press, as well as lots of visitors to the REME Museum at MOD Lyneham in Wiltshire.

The Museum’s Military Ink exhibition garnered significant coverage in the Mail Online and Daily Star this week – complete with numerous pictures its tattooed subjects, some of whom, themselves, had significant coverage.

As the paper explained, the exhibition aims to draw out the many stories, some light-hearted, others very poignant, behind the tattoos of former and current service personnel.

Tattooing has a history that goes back centuries in the Forces, and regulations were changed in 2014 to allow non-offensive tattoos on most of the body, on hands and back of neck. Still not allowed are tattoos on head and face.

With one-in-five Britons now bearing body art, the military was ahead of the curve in this trend.

One soldier is quoted as saying his tattoos help him show his individuality in a uniformed world, while others use theirs to show pride in their units or in remembrance of fallen comrades.

Museum Director Rick Henderson commented:

“The Museum is delighted with the level of interest the new exhibition has generated, to receive national press coverage and be able to reach a wider audience is extremely satisfying”.

The display is on until December the 8th.

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