SMilitaryINK_REME Museumrs

Curator Jennifer Allison has taken dozens of photographs of tattooed service personnel and veterans for the exhibition Military Ink, which opened on 3rd July at REME Museum, Lyneham in Wiltshire and will be running until December 8th.  This exhibition has been featured in national, regional and local press.

Adding another dimension to this exhibition experience there will be an afternoon of live tattooing as part of the exhibition programme.  Teri, from Teri-Fic Ink, will be at the Museum on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th of September tattooing participants.  If visitors would like to see the process at first-hand they are welcome to the Museum between 1pm and 4pm.  Teri is former REME and is now a tattoo artist based in Tidworth.

Tattooing may be traditionally associated with sailors, but the Army also has a strong tradition of decorating their skin, and a fascinating new exhibition at the REME Museum looks at the stories behind some of these images.

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