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The REME Museum cares for over 100,000 items. The collections are a fascinating and eclectic mix that focuses on the REME story, but also tells us much about the British Army in the 20th and 21st centuries. It includes World War Two era vehicles, medals awarded to REME soldiers, an extensive weapons collection, uniforms, models, trade test pieces and radios. There is a large archive that includes letters, pamphlets, photographs, paintings, instruction manuals and vehicle specifications.

Much of the collection dates from World War Two, but there are earlier artefacts from the individuals and predecessor Corps, such as the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC), who transferred to the Corps in 1942. The Cold War period is also well represented.



The Museum has many objects and each contributes to recording and telling the story of the REME Corps. Our largest items include recovery vehicles made from Challenger and Conqueror tanks and our smallest include REME uniform buttons and escape compasses.

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The Archives cover a range of material relating to the history of the Corps. It spans all aspects from its formation to post-war development and recent and ongoing operations. Technical manuals are very popular. It is also personal, with letters, diaries and photographs.

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You and the collections

The collections can only develop with your generosity. We will always consider offers of donations, and enjoy collecting oral histories and memoirs, learning more about the Corps, and putting names to faces in the many photographs we have.

If you are considering contributing to the collections and want to know how, then follow the link.