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The REME Museum offers a wide range of education sessions specially designed to meet the needs of schools, the National Curriculum and the REME Museum’s collection. We cover a wide range of topics that use our special museum collection to make your school trip a exciting learning experience.


All sessions listed below are delivered by our Education Officer; cost just £5 per pupil and includes an optional self-led Museum visit with a curriculum focused worksheet. We are happy to discuss other potential workshop ideas, please contact us for a chat.

For more information, please contact the Education Department by emailing


Free Re-entry for school students

The REME Museum is offering free re-entry for pupils who return with their family or responsible adult in 2019. All pupils visiting the museum as a part of an organised educational visit will be offered a voucher that will allow unlimited free re-entry into the museum for a year. All children taking part in the offer have to visit with a paying adult and show the original voucher. The voucher is valid for 12 months once it has been issued and cannot be used for delivered services such as school workshops.

image School Workshops in the Museum

One of the many tanks on display in the REME Museum

Tanks vs Trucks: KS1 & EYFS D&T Workshop

A great chance to get up close and better understand the vehicles used by the Army. This workshop not only allows the children to explore the specialties of the tanks and trucks used by REME, but also allows them to have a chance to build their own truck in small teams. This Design and Technology workshop also encourages communication skills and teamwork.

Duration: 2 hours, plus visit to the Museum galleries

KS1 Curriculum links: D&T

Downloadable resource: Tanks vs Trucks Workshop Notes, Timetable and Session Outcomes

Sample risk assessment available on request

LEGO Engineering School Session

Lego Engineering: KS2, 3 & 4 D&T Workshop

After exploring the key features of specialist REME vehicles on display in the Museum, students have a chance to push their skills in this engineering task. Pupils will work in small groups of 3s to build working Lego machines to specific set criteria. This session can be delivered with additional resources to challenge KS3 or 4 pupils too.

Duration: 2-3 hours, plus visit to the Museum galleries

KS2 Curriculum links: D&T, Science (Forces), English (Spoken language)

Downloadable Resource: LEGO Engineering Workshop Timetable, Outcomes and Notes

A sample risk assessment is available on request

Great teamwork design and technology outdoor session

Survival Shelters: KS2 D&T Workshop

An outside teamwork challenge exploring the key features of Army shelters, pupils have a chance to build their own shelter in the Museum grounds. All shelters will be tested with water with the pupils inside. An optional worksheet to help focus on key design elements is available. This workshop is about the basics of Army bivouacking and is a fun team building task.

Duration: 2 hours, plus visit to the Museum galleries

KS2 Curriculum links: D&T, English (Spoken Language)

Downloadable Resource: Survival Shelters Workshop Timetable, Notes, Outcomes and Risk Assessment

image Other Education Workshops

We can also host Scouting or Guiding units; run educational activities; give specialist tours to groups and have birthday parties here in the REME Museum. Please contact us for more information.

image Booking Information

All workshops or sessions require booking in advance.

School workshops are available Tuesday to Friday. Some Saturday sessions are also available.

Free pre-visits for teaching staff.

Sessions cost just £5 per pupil. Escorting adults go free.

We can also run the Assault Course for an extra £1 per pupil. This will be dependent on weather and group size. Please let us know in advance if you are interested in this option.

All workshops can accommodate up to 34 pupils. Some sessions can be delivered twice a day to cater for up to 68 pupils.

We charge for a minimum of groups of 10 pupils. We allow smaller groups to book but you will be invoiced for the equivalent cost of 10 pupils.

Curriculum focused quizzes can be made available for self-led Museum visits.

Free onsite coach parking.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or you would like to make a booking please contact us at  01249 89 4869 or email