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In 2006, the Government announced its decision to establish a tri-service training center as part of a wider Ministry of Defence (MoD) estates rationalisation programme. Phase 1 of these plans involves the re-location of REME training establishments from Arborfield and Bordon to former RAF Station Lyneham in Wiltshire by the end of 2015. The project for re-location is entitled the Defence Technical Training Change Programme (DTTCP).

As part of the DTTCP, the REME Museum of Technology will also relocate to Lyneham with costs being met as part of the overall project. At a meeting in January 2013, it was agreed that the existing Officers’ Mess at Lyneham would be converted into the new Museum.

The Officers’ Mess will allow the Museum to develop its current provision. The new site will include a dedicated archive which will bring together the three separate archives and also provide a reading room/conference room. The entrance will be separated from the café and an education suite will also exist for a range of users. Staff offices will be upstairs with collection storage areas, and a temporary exhibition space will exist outside of the main display area.

The exhibition area will consist of a number of rooms including two which will have re-enforced flooring to allow for the heavier vehicles to be displayed. A further ‘hall’ is being added to the building.

Overall, the facilities allow a fantastic opportunity to improve on what the Museum currently offers.

WW2 Gallery

World War Two Gallery

Large vehicle hall

Large Vehicle Hall

Education suite after

Education Suite

The Project

Since April 2015 Museum staff, volunteers and external specialists have been busy packing the thousands of collection items. This includes our smallest items such as buttons and badges, to our larger items such as missiles, weapons and vehicles.

The Museum is due to fully relocate by the end of October. This will mean not only moving all the collections, but also all of our offices and administration.

Corridor 2 after   Corridor 2 before

Corridor 2 before and after packing


Packed boxes waiting to be transported

The Design

In February 2015, Museum staff started working with Museum Designers, PLB. Through regular meetings and email contact, not to mention a lot of Focus Groups with REME soldiers and the public, the various galleries of the Museum have now formed.

Displays will include a World War Two gallery, a gallery dedicated to the history and current trades of the Corps, a gallery looking at the soldiering side of REME as well as an Armourer’s Hall to display our extensive weapons collection and a Remembrance room to display medals and celebrate the achievements of the Corps.

We have spent many hours looking at our collection to identify key items and stories. Our aim for the new Museum is to allow REME men and women to have their own voice to be able to tell their own story.

Concept for large vehicle hall

Design for large hall

Concept for REME relaxed

Military Ceremony

REME Remembers Gallery

Remembrance Room

What next…

The Arborfield Museum is now closed and we have relocated to Lyneham. We have started work on the new displays with the aim of opening to the public in Spring 2017.

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