During the Summer of 2022, the Museum hosted Haley Jensen on a work experience placement. Haley was a student on the MA in Heritage Management course at Bath Spa University. The following podcasts are the result of Haley’s work, and introduce the life and career of the female artist Grace Ward. Grace worked as a welder during World War Two, and was based in one of REME’s London workshops. There are examples of her work in The REME Museum and the Imperial War Museums

This mini-series will cover a series of topics: the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), women artists and welders in World War Two, the dangers welders faced in the 1940s, discrimination women met in a male-dominated industry, and the bonding between the ATS and REME women.

Who is Grace Ward? Art and the ATS

This episode covers the basic history of women artists in World War Two and the Auxiliary Territorial Service, which was the British branch of the Army for women. It also discusses Queen Elizabeth II's service with ATS, and Grace Ward's artistic career.

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Dangers and Duties of Welding

This episode discusses life in Mill Hill East for REME service members in the 1940's. Then we discuss women welder's duties in the Second World War and finally, the dangers of welding from accidents to fatalities.

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Welding, Discrimination and Friendship

This episode describes the resistance women faced from some men in the welding industry, as well as the friendship between REME women.

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