Building work is well underway for the new Museum in Lyneham, and members of staff were lucky enough to get access and have a look around.

The new vehicle hall is almost complete and the former dining room has been refreshed and looks like a great blank canvas.

Access to the area is restricted as most of it is still a building site, but we are hoping that work will be completed within the next couple of months – we can’t wait to get our hands on the place!

Although we don’t have access, we have been busy planning what will be going into the new displays. One of our main considerations is our vehicle collection – they’re all so big! We had a great day working with designers and planning where different vehicles could go and what story they could tell.

Our small vehicle hall is almost done, and will focus on the Second World War. The large vehicle hall is still being developed, with the vehicles showing the range of operations, including locations, which REME have been involved with.

We are now looking at the rest of the collection to draw out the stories of REME men and women.

Even though we are closed, we are still being given incredible objects from REME units as they start downsizing to prepare for their relocation. These photos show some of the hand painted and hand drawn illustrations which have been used as part of training at Bordon for many years. We’re really pleased that the collection will be coming to the Museum.

Behind the scenes we are continuing to pack the collection. Walls and display cases are starting to get a bit emptier, and staff have been returning items which were on loan to us.

Although the public can no longer visit the Museum, we are trying to get out and about whenever possible. This Sunday will see members of staff at the VW Expo at Stonor Park. REME has a strong link with VW as it was a REME Officer, Major Ivan Hirst, who helped to get the factory re-established after the Second World War.

Here’s hoping that the sun will be out!