Over the past 2 years, the Museum has been busy packing, moving, unpacking, sorting, developing, installing and getting ready to open. We are almost ready to unlock our doors and let the public in. One of the many projects that has been happening in this time is developing a new education programme, one fit for a new Museum.

Since the Museum closed in 2015, I have been busy visiting schools in Wiltshire, talking about what the want from this new facility opening soon in their area. Teachers asked for fun, exciting workshops that are befitting of REME’s heritage and engineering role in the Army.

From these discussions 5 workshops have been created, developed and tested in the playgrounds and classrooms of local schools. Between them they cover the subjects of Design and Technology, Science, Maths, English and History for Key Stage 1 and 2 classes.

Once the Museum is open, school children will have an opportunity to build recovery vehicles from LEGO, discover the story of REME medal winners, test their maths skills in our Army style command tasks or even bivouac in the Museum grounds.

Within weeks, the first school will arrive at the Museum to test the first workshop. This is an exciting time for the Museum. These first pupils will have an opportunity to sample something which we hope will see thousands of school children learning about the critical role REME have played and are still playing in keeping our Army on the move and our nation safe.

If you are interested in what the REME Museum could offer to your school or a school near you, then please Contact us.