The relocation to Lyneham couldn’t happen without the help of our volunteers who have been busy packing up the collection. Over the next few months some of these volunteers will be writing about their experience with the Museum and the collection.

We hope you enjoy!

Notes from a Volunteer

My name is Robert Davey and I am a very happy volunteer at the REME Museum in Arborfield. I have been a volunteer since 2012, based in the Technical Archive.

Volunteer Robert Davey packing items from the collection.

I became a volunteer as I have an interest in World War Two and a background in office work and computers, so sorting out the paperwork in the Technical Archives is ideal for me.

Recently I have also been involved in packing items from the reserve stores ready for the move to Lyneham. These items from the stores always amaze me with their diversification and quality. Amongst some of the more day-to-day items is the occasional ‘gem’ which makes the packing much more interesting.

For example, recently I was sorting through some standard webbing items from a soldier’s uniform, when I discovered some very rare sealed pattern examples. These were used by the Ordnance corps to send to suppliers as a master pattern to copy.

Some of my favourite items which I have found while packing are a wartime Bomber crew over suit in very good condition, and a Megger tester used for checking resistance in capacitors in vehicle electrics. I also came across a pre-war Army gas mask.

If you would like to volunteer, you will get a good welcome at the Museum.