The REME Museum have launched a new website feature – the Gallery – where anyone can upload and share their photographs connected with REME service, personnel and events. The aim of this feature is to broaden access to REME history and make it easier for everyone to share their experiences.

The Gallery page Submit a photo option allows any person to upload a photograph (landscape format is best), give it a title and even include some information on what the photo depicts. If you are interested in sharing a photo, please take a look at our Terms and Conditions, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of your submission.

We decided to start off the submissions with a couple of our own, but we can't wait to see yours!


Theatre Equipment Support Battalion. E:15.0587. ©Crown.


Territorial Army soldiers recover Saracen Ambulance. E:11.0395.010. ©Crown.

If you have any questions or issues uploading a photograph, do contact us.

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