A new exhibition, ‘RAF100: A History of RAF Lyneham’ will open on 16 January at REME Museum. As part of RAF 100 which sees the Royal Air Force celebrating 100 years since its formation, the REME Museum will be hosting a temporary exhibition which looks at the history of the site when it was an air base.

Using historical images as well as interviews with serving and former RAF personnel and families who lived and worked on the base, the exhibition will provide visitors with an overview of the important work undertaken at RAF Lyneham.

In 2015, the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) relocated to former RAF Lyneham, including the REME Museum, which opened to the public in 2017.

As part of the exhibition there will be three evening talks, open to the public. Please note booking is required via our website.

21 February: 100 Years of the RAF, Colin Cummings, RAF Historical Society

18 April: Lyneham and Repatriations, Andrew Lloyd, Director of Army Museums Ogilby Trust

13 June: End of an Era, a talk by Mike Neville CBE

Tickets will cost £10 per person and will allow entry to the talk as well as access to the main Museum after the talk has finished. Talks start at 19.00, doors will be open from 18.30.

Curator Jennifer Allison said:

This has been an interesting and challenging exhibition to bring together as we have had to rely completely on the men and women who worked at RAF Lyneham to provide us with not only objects and photographs but also to share their experiences. We hope that the RAF community will help the exhibition to develop over the six months it’s in place to bring out more of the stories and memories of RAF Lyneham.

The REME Museum is keen to encourage visitors and the local community to share their own memories of living and working at RAF Lyneham. Visitors are invited to bring in photographs which they can have included on the exhibition walls allowing other visitors to see. There will also be the opportunity to write about their favourite memories.

For those who want to participate online, we have created a social media hash tag #RAF100Lyneham for people to come together and share their memories and stories about RAF Lyneham and what this period of history has meant for them.

Black and white photo of men in military uniforms fixing a helicopter. Two men sit on helicopter, one crouches down on the ground and two more stand at the top of a ladder. Mechanical equipment is on the ground.

Black and white photo of a pilot in uniform leaning against a helicopter. He holds a helmet in his left hand. More helicopters out of focus on runway behind.

Black and white photo of large plane on runway with people underneath. A military vehicle is parked in front.

Images from the Museum's collection, A:1975.1362.279, E:07.0203, E:06.0604.083 © Unknown.