The REME Museum is launching its October #rememuseumchallenge for Half Term and this year we want you to get ‘chillingly’ creative! This isn’t about ghosts and Ghoulies though, this is about snow and ice and how you get about on it. We all know how slippery it is out in the snow, so how do you transport men and equipment in the harsh, cold and freezing Arctic and Antarctic? Simple, you climb inside your Snow Trac and let the rubber treads take the strain!

Black and white tracked vehicle on plinth inside igloo structure. Display cases surround.

Visitors to REME Museum will see our impressive Aktiv Fischer Snow Trac on display in our REME Ready vehicle gallery. It has rubber tracks and a lightweight body, perfect for transporting people across the ice of Antarctica.

So, what’s the challenge? We want you to build your own model Snow Trac, take a photo, and share it with us on social media.

You can download our template below to help you, or you can keep an eye out for our Facebook posts. You don’t have to use our template though, you can use anything you have lying around at home – we’ve found the recycling box is always full of really useful stuff that make wonderful models.

Paper model of tracked vehicle in the foreground with black and white tracked vehicle blurred in the background.

When you’ve made your Snow Trac why not decorate a wintery scene, so it looks even more amazingly Arctic!

Whatever way you choose to make your model, please share your photos with us. Why not decorate a wintery or Arctic scene to photograph it or bring it into the Museum and take a photo in front of the real thing? We’re open this Half Term from Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am until 4.00pm and we’d love to see you!

You have to pre-book and we are limiting numbers, just to keep everyone safe and secure.

Good luck with the challenge and see you soon!

Click here to download our Snow Trac template.