The REME Museum is excited to launch a 3D, interactive museum tour. Created by the talented team at Bluewire Hub Ltd, this incredible creation means you can visit the Museum without even leaving the house.

'We know our regulars have been missing the Museum while its closed,' says Museum Director, Rick. 'We want to make sure people can still get to grips with REME history while they stay safe at home.'

Exploring the virtual tour is also a great way to explore some remarkable REME artefacts. You can get up close and personal with rare repair and recovery vehicles, peer into display cases and even admire paintings on the walls.

If you're already planning post-Covid trips, using the virtual tour is a great way to get ready. 'Visitors are often surprised that the Museum is so big' says Front of House Manager, Claire. 'This new tour will prepare them, let them know you really can stay all day'.

The Museum also hopes that this new resource will benefit visitors with additional access needs who want to know what to expect from facilities before they visit. 'We're proud to tell people that we have level access across our public spaces and that we're wheelchair friendly but its different when you can see that for yourself' says Rick.

Launch the tour

Click the arrow button on the window below to get started.

How to navigate

  • Click and drag to look around the space or use your arrow keys to look left or right
  • Click the rings on the floor to move around or use your up and down arrow keys to go forward and back
  • Scroll or use plus and minus keys to zoom in or out
  • Click on the target shaped icons for more information on some of the artefacts
  • Use the icons to the bottom left of the window to switch views, including birdseye and dollhouse
  • Launch the tour in full screen by using the icon in the bottom right corner