"REME Aviation - Auster to Apache" is a 2-part online lecture in collaboration with the Army Flying Museum, in which we trace the history of REME Aviation from Auster to Apache, supporting the Army Air Corps from its inception in 1957 to present day.

The lectures aired live on 31 January and 21 February 2022, including live Q&A sessions with expert REME panels. These have been recorded and are available to view in the films.

Watch both lectures below. For best viewing results use Google Chrome.

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Part 1 

Part 1, "The REME Aviation Story", showcases the “Repair Forward” principle deployed by REME in WW2 and later conflicts to support the Army and Royal Marines aircraft. Discover the incredible skills of the Technicians and Engineering Officers and how they have kept pace with the latest technology. 

Part 2

Part 2, "REME Aviation People", features fascinating and insightful interviews from expert guest contributors who have all helped to shape the REME story. Discover highlights into their training and skills, but above all, their stories of ingenuity in keeping the Army’s aircraft flying.