Unleash your engineering skills at home or in the classroom with these downloadable/printable activities. Click on the images for a downloadable PDF version.


Discover how to make a winch and experiment with how it works! Watch this YouTube video where our Education Officer shows you the one he made earlier.


Armies used to use catapults as their heavy artillery. Learn how to make a catapult then experiment with it.


Learn how pulleys work and how you can make your own. Also see our Guide to Pulleys and Guide to Double Pulleys.

Women in Engineering - Construct a Life Raft

Learn about women in engineering and REME, and test whether you can make a life raft just as female inventor, Maria Beasley, did! 

Electric Circuit

Find out how to make your own electric circuit using tin foil and a lightbulb. Watch our Education Officer explain how to make one in this YouTube video.

You can even make your circuit light up a lantern, just follow these Box Lantern instructions.

Egg Box Helicopter

Experiment with an egg box helicopter to see how forces affect it.

Tracked Vehicles

Find out about tracked vehicles and make your own.