Try out some fun museum-related activities to try at home or in the classroom with these downloadable/printable worksheets and templates. Click on the images below for downloadable PDF versions.

Origami Tanks and Vehicles

Make your own 3D models of vehicles in our galleries with these templates.

Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle (BARV)

Snow Trac


SVR (Support Vehicle Recovery)

Hook a Vehicle Game


Fancy a challenge? Try out these puzzles.

Origami Snap Banger

Watch the two videos below for a step-by-step guide to making an origami snap banger, either with instructions or by our Education Officer in person.

Prank Jumping Spinner

Make someone jump with this easy prank!

Wartime Easter Biscuits

Try your hand at baking and make this wartime recipe for a tasty snack.

Junk Helicopter

Raid your recycling bin and find some clean, dry materials to make your own helicopter.

Make a Book

Follow these instructions to make your very own book to write your own stories and design as you wish. Use this on World Book Day or just when you fancy doing some writing.

Rubber Band Pistol

Discover how to make your own 'firearm' with our step-by-step guide. Also watch our Education Officer making one in this YouTube video.